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Life’s journey, much like a winding river, takes unexpected turns and shapes our paths in ways we never imagine. For 21 years, I found myself immersed in the corporate world, confidently believing that it was the predetermined course for me. However, as fate would have it, September 2022 marked an unforeseen twist—a sudden redundancy from a tech giant, shaking the once-secure path I had envisioned.

This abrupt change, though unsettling, revealed an opportunity—a chance to take a leap of faith and explore a realm I had always yearned to experience. Thus, in November 2022, my entrepreneurial journey commenced with the launch of my own company. It was a thrilling yet daunting transition, shifting from a predictable 9-5 job to a venture where irregular hours dictate when the next paycheck will be.

In the early days, it was just me—juggling multiple roles simultaneously. I became the florist, the curator, the accountant, the delivery driver, the cleaner, and a dozen other things all at once. The magnitude of this change took some getting used to, and adapting to certain aspects is still an ongoing process. However, my philosophy has always been to look ahead. So, what lies ahead in the next phase of my life and career? What do the upcoming 21 years hold?

Every successful venture, be it a small startup or a corporate giant, requires solid foundations. My journey has illuminated the importance of laying these foundations, perhaps even more vital than achieving rapid growth. Operating and mastering the art of overhead management, and meticulous planning months in advance for upcoming events have become crucial lessons. These experiences underscore how much there is to learn, fueling my hunger for knowledge.

While the allure of rapid growth is undeniable, it often leads to overextension and challenges in coping. For me, 2023 is dedicated to the creation of sustainable and robust foundations. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my family for their unwavering support and sacrifices, to our friends for their encouragement, and to our customers for the opportunities and referrals. Reading your reviews and receiving your feedback invigorates me, inspiring continuous improvement and the crafting of even more exquisite gifts for the next 21 years and beyond. These are 21 years that I am determined to cherish and make worthwhile.

As the journey unfolds, I am determined to navigate each twist and turn with resilience and gratitude. The lessons learned in the past year have become stepping stones toward a future where the company not only thrives but becomes a beacon of craftsmanship, dedication, and enduring quality. The commitment to building a legacy of beautiful creations and meaningful connections remains unwavering as we step into the next chapter of this exciting adventure. Here’s to the new journey and the stories yet to be written!





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Being a small business has its unique charm, fostering a sense of family within the team and a togetherness that often eludes larger corporations. However, it’s not all smooth sailing, and one of the significant hurdles we face is sourcing new products to offer our valued customers. As a business committed to growth, we continually seek to introduce fresh, exciting items that will delight our customers. You might think this process is straightforward, as suppliers and manufacturers would naturally want their products to reach as many consumers as possible. But the reality is a bit more intricate.

Recently, we embarked on a quest to find suppliers for sought-after products like abalone, bird’s nest, chicken essence, and tonics. Our goal was not only to enhance our current hampers but also to attract new customers seeking these popular items. To create even more exceptional hampers, our initial step was to identify key trade suppliers and initiate contact to discuss stocking their products.

However, a challenging question surfaced during these inquiries: “Do you have the volume?” This question poses a dilemma for a small company like ours. We lacked the substantial volume because this venture was relatively new to us, and predicting the response was uncertain. Prudent business practices discouraged us from investing heavily in large stocks without a clear outcome, so our initial foray involved exploring these products in limited quantities.

Yet, here lies the conundrum: the quantities that make sense for our business are often deemed too small by suppliers. Understandably, they too aim to profit from their customers. If our orders are insufficient to fulfill this objective, establishing accounts and partnerships may not seem appealing to them. We wholeheartedly comprehend their standpoint; it’s just one of the less favourable aspects of being a small business.

Naturally, raising the prices of our hampers significantly is not a viable option. If they become overly expensive, our loyal customers may opt for alternatives. Instead, we opted for slimmer profit margins per hamper, a temporary solution during unavoidable circumstances. However, when profits dwindle significantly, sustaining the business becomes a challenge.

These diminished profits create hurdles in covering the various expenses essential to keep the business operational, including advertising, delivery costs, shop overheads, and more. These are the hidden challenges that often escape public attention when contemplating the cost of running a small business like ours. Nevertheless, despite the obstacles we encounter, the journey remains incredibly rewarding. There’s unparalleled satisfaction in building something from the ground up, and the pride that accompanies conquering these challenges is immeasurable.

While it’s always hard in the beginning for new and small businesses, arming oneself with a positive attitude is crucial. Finding workarounds can change many things and make the business profitable. It’s all about taking chances and having the support of our dear customers that makes a whole lot of difference.

In the world of small businesses, each obstacle becomes a stepping stone to greater success, and we’re excited to continue this journey, providing our customers with unique, thoughtful offerings that reflect the heart and soul of our business.





Crafted with creativity and insights by ChatGPT, these blogs capture the essence of our thoughts and sentiments, bringing to life the ideas we wish to share with you. Cheers to the brilliance of AI collaboration!

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From the moment a bouquet of enchanting lilies graced my hands, my love affair with flowers began. The mesmerizing scents, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors of those lilies found a permanent place in my heart. Childhood moments spent amid nature fueled my yearning to be surrounded by the beauty of blossoms every day.

When the opportunity arose to switch careers and become a florist, it felt like a dream come true. Little did I know that this journey would lead me down unexpected paths and into amusing situations, reshaping my perspective on being a florist.

Being a florist is undeniably hands-on, with each day presenting a whirlwind of orders, demanding our utmost creativity and precision. Often, it’s just a small team managing the bustling shop, making for exhilarating yet chaotic days.

Amid crafting intricate bouquets, it’s remarkably easy to overlook the little things. Picture unintentional accessories like forgotten pieces of tape clinging to my clothing or Baby’s Breath delicately woven into my hair. These moments, though embarrassing, have become humorous anecdotes, like the time I arrived to meet friends, unknowingly adorned with carnation remnants.

One vivid memory stands out—a particularly hectic day when I single-handedly completed the final order. Blissfully unaware of the bright pink wrapping attached to my shoulder, I strolled down the busy street. It wasn’t until passing a row of parked cars that I noticed the unusual accessory. I had unwittingly become a real-life superhero—or at least, I looked the part with a pink cape trailing behind me.

Despite these amusing and occasionally embarrassing moments, being a florist allows me to channel creativity, provide adored products, and connect with remarkable individuals through my work.

In the midst of these humorous escapades, I’ve come to appreciate the spontaneity that being a florist brings. Each day is a new canvas, and I relish the opportunity to bring joy and beauty to people’s lives through the language of flowers. It’s a whimsical reminder that, in the world of blossoms and bouquets, surprises are always in full bloom!

As I cultivate unexpected laughter and beauty, my journey as a florist continues to evolve, and each bloom becomes a verse in the ever-expanding poetry of petals. This florist’s adventure is a celebration of the unpredictable, where surprises and laughter flourish alongside the flowers. 😄





Crafted with creativity and insights by ChatGPT, these blogs capture the essence of our thoughts and sentiments, bringing to life the ideas we wish to share with you. Cheers to the brilliance of AI collaboration!

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Have you ever marveled at the price tag attached to a beautiful bouquet and wondered why the act of gifting flowers often comes with a considerable bill? While fresh blooms possess the enchanting ability to brighten anyone’s day and make for an exquisite gift, the apparent cost of flowers may raise some eyebrows. Let’s delve into the intricacies of why flowers may not be as budget-friendly as one might think, shedding light on aspects that often go unnoticed. Rest assured, florists are continually striving to provide the best prices to their cherished customers.

In Singapore, despite the country’s lush greenery, not every floral beauty we adore is grown locally. Instead, these blooms embark on international journeys, making their way from countries like China, Korea, Holland, or Kenya. This importation process adds to the cost, as these delicate blossoms require swift shipping to maintain their freshness. Consider the expenses associated with expedited shipping for items ordered online, and you’ll understand why flowers in Singapore can be significantly influenced by shipping costs alone. However, if we desire vibrant, fresh flowers, this is the only viable way to procure them.

As in any industry, perfection isn’t guaranteed in the world of flower procurement. When a shipment of fresh flowers arrives, some may not withstand the journey as well as others. Additionally, certain flowers may mature more quickly, leading to a mix of blossoms at varying stages of freshness within a shipment.

This variability means that not every flower the florist acquires will be in the ideal condition for sale. The costs associated with these less-than-pristine blooms must be absorbed by the florist, who may even end up purchasing an excess to compensate for the less-than-fresh ones. These factors collectively contribute to the overall price of the bouquets displayed in the store.

Flower prices in Singapore are also significantly influenced by demand. For instance, during Chinese New Year, there is an astronomical surge in demand, causing flower markets to hike prices for florists by as much as 55%. Faced with such substantial cost increases, florists have no option but to adjust their selling prices accordingly.

While we appreciate the journey and care that goes into procuring fresh blooms, it’s crucial to recognise the unseen costs associated with flower delivery. Swift and reliable transportation is essential to ensure your flowers arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition. However, this comes at a cost, and these expenses inevitably contribute to the overall price you see on that beautiful bouquet.

Besides these factors, florists bear additional expenses beyond the flowers themselves. Consider the various services they provide and the associated costs, including the energy consumed for lighting and refrigeration, the essential water required to keep flowers fresh, gift wrapping, personalised cards, and even delivery. All these elements add to the florist’s expenditure, consequently contributing to the final cost of the flowers you purchase.

Before you embark on your journey through the world of floral delights, it’s worth noting the difference between flowers you might find at a supermarket and those offered by a skilled florist.

Supermarket flowers, while convenient, often come from mass production, traveling long distances and spending substantial time on store shelves. In contrast, florists take pride in sourcing the finest blooms, meticulously caring for them, and crafting stunning arrangements that reflect artistry and attention to detail.

When you choose a florist’s bouquet, you’re not merely acquiring flowers; you’re investing in an exquisite, personalized creation, handpicked and arranged to convey your sentiments. These blooms tell a story, convey emotions, and are designed to create cherished memories.

Considering the exhaustive efforts that florists put into ensuring fresh, exquisite flowers are readily available—from the lightning-fast international shipping required to bring them here to the meticulous care needed to maintain their freshness—can we genuinely deem flowers expensive? We believe they offer remarkable value, and given the dedication required to provide fresh flowers in Singapore, they might even be considered a bargain.

So, the next time you’re enchanted by a beautiful bouquet, remember that it represents more than just a collection of flowers—it embodies a journey, an art, and a heartfelt message waiting to be conveyed. Embrace the beauty and significance of florist’s flowers, and you’ll discover that their value extends far beyond their price.





Crafted with creativity and insights by ChatGPT, these blogs capture the essence of our thoughts and sentiments, bringing to life the ideas we wish to share with you. Cheers to the brilliance of AI collaboration!