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Have you ever marveled at the price tag attached to a beautiful bouquet and wondered why the act of gifting flowers often comes with a considerable bill? While fresh blooms possess the enchanting ability to brighten anyone’s day and make for an exquisite gift, the apparent cost of flowers may raise some eyebrows. Let’s delve into the intricacies of why flowers may not be as budget-friendly as one might think, shedding light on aspects that often go unnoticed. Rest assured, florists are continually striving to provide the best prices to their cherished customers.

In Singapore, despite the country’s lush greenery, not every floral beauty we adore is grown locally. Instead, these blooms embark on international journeys, making their way from countries like China, Korea, Holland, or Kenya. This importation process adds to the cost, as these delicate blossoms require swift shipping to maintain their freshness. Consider the expenses associated with expedited shipping for items ordered online, and you’ll understand why flowers in Singapore can be significantly influenced by shipping costs alone. However, if we desire vibrant, fresh flowers, this is the only viable way to procure them.

As in any industry, perfection isn’t guaranteed in the world of flower procurement. When a shipment of fresh flowers arrives, some may not withstand the journey as well as others. Additionally, certain flowers may mature more quickly, leading to a mix of blossoms at varying stages of freshness within a shipment.

This variability means that not every flower the florist acquires will be in the ideal condition for sale. The costs associated with these less-than-pristine blooms must be absorbed by the florist, who may even end up purchasing an excess to compensate for the less-than-fresh ones. These factors collectively contribute to the overall price of the bouquets displayed in the store.

Flower prices in Singapore are also significantly influenced by demand. For instance, during Chinese New Year, there is an astronomical surge in demand, causing flower markets to hike prices for florists by as much as 55%. Faced with such substantial cost increases, florists have no option but to adjust their selling prices accordingly.

While we appreciate the journey and care that goes into procuring fresh blooms, it’s crucial to recognise the unseen costs associated with flower delivery. Swift and reliable transportation is essential to ensure your flowers arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition. However, this comes at a cost, and these expenses inevitably contribute to the overall price you see on that beautiful bouquet.

Besides these factors, florists bear additional expenses beyond the flowers themselves. Consider the various services they provide and the associated costs, including the energy consumed for lighting and refrigeration, the essential water required to keep flowers fresh, gift wrapping, personalised cards, and even delivery. All these elements add to the florist’s expenditure, consequently contributing to the final cost of the flowers you purchase.

Before you embark on your journey through the world of floral delights, it’s worth noting the difference between flowers you might find at a supermarket and those offered by a skilled florist.

Supermarket flowers, while convenient, often come from mass production, traveling long distances and spending substantial time on store shelves. In contrast, florists take pride in sourcing the finest blooms, meticulously caring for them, and crafting stunning arrangements that reflect artistry and attention to detail.

When you choose a florist’s bouquet, you’re not merely acquiring flowers; you’re investing in an exquisite, personalized creation, handpicked and arranged to convey your sentiments. These blooms tell a story, convey emotions, and are designed to create cherished memories.

Considering the exhaustive efforts that florists put into ensuring fresh, exquisite flowers are readily available—from the lightning-fast international shipping required to bring them here to the meticulous care needed to maintain their freshness—can we genuinely deem flowers expensive? We believe they offer remarkable value, and given the dedication required to provide fresh flowers in Singapore, they might even be considered a bargain.

So, the next time you’re enchanted by a beautiful bouquet, remember that it represents more than just a collection of flowers—it embodies a journey, an art, and a heartfelt message waiting to be conveyed. Embrace the beauty and significance of florist’s flowers, and you’ll discover that their value extends far beyond their price.





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